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About 6 MINT Marketing

Have you ever put 6 Altoid mints in your mouth at once?

6 Mint Marketing Mints

It's not only a curiously...

...strong experience, but an exhilarating one as well. Suddenly you're breathing deeper and your mind is clear.

It's refreshing and quite effective.

We strive to provide a refreshing and effective experience for every client.

What We Do...

Creative Marketing, Branding, Stragety, Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations, and Communication.

In an environment where it is increasingly difficult to stand out against the competition, we go all-out to provide original and fresh ideas that bring value and revenue to your business. AND we like to have fun in the process.

Because life is too short not to!

We specialize in...

Corporate/Organization Identity

Searching for the right look and feel for your new business? Is it time to revitalize your business’s image? Having a corporate identity that reflects your organization’s philosophy and objectives is essential in today’s accelerated marketing environment. We create a visual identity that communicates your organization’s values through the design of logos, letterhead and envelopes, business cards, note cards, packing slips, uniforms, and advertising.


What's your game plan? Implementing an intentional marketing strategy is crucial to increasing revenue and maintaining a competitive advantage. We work with you to conduct internal and external analysis, identify long-term goals, and create a plan of action.

Online Presence Management

How visible is your organization online? What message does various virtual platforms convey about your business? Establishing a high profile online presence is imperative in promoting your brand in the current marketing environment. We ensure you are seen through website design and development, the establishment and management of social media platforms, blogging, search engine optimization, and internet advertising.

Marketing Collateral

What media do you need to support your sales staff? Keeping your brand and messaging consistent is vital to powerfully communicating with customers and prospects. We have you covered! We prepare your team with catalogs, brochures, flyers, creative direct mail pieces, attention grabbing invitations, custom thank you cards, T-shirts or promotional items, striking power points and visual aids.

Public & Media Relations

Who knows about the innovative projects and new paths your organization is forging? A broad audience should be hearing all about your recent ventures to build your brand and cultivate new prospects. We manage media relations by producing and distributing press releases, media kits, and arranging for interviews and features. We also evaluate organizational perception through customer interviews, survey analysis, and ethnographic study.

Brand Management

How is your product priced and packaged? Where is it placed and promoted? What is your target market's experience with your product and/or brand? These are the core questions we tackle to manage your brand effectively. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion - the 4 essential P's of Marketing.

Our Work
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