Nikki Nigl - @IAmNikkiNigl
I’m 40-years old and for the most part I have a great relationship with my mother. She has always been there to support me AND my dreams. She lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I haven't lived there in almost 18 years but we have always talked and checked in with each other.

Carrie Reffitt - @catpantsmedia
I’m a 37-year old visual storyteller, marketing consultant, and queer woman. I became my Mother’s protector at a young age as I experienced her turbulent relationships with men. Not talking about abuse and attempted suicide led to years of internalized anger, guilt, and apathy. Thankfully, over the last 2 years we have developed a more open and authentic relationship.

Danielle Holtz - @uradiate
I’m a 30-year old theatre educator and storyteller. My mother and I were best friends throughout my childhood. She committed suicide when I was 17. And I still find myself navigating my relationship with her.

Julie Roberts
I’m a 51-year old married and child-free advertising consultant. My mother had Borderline Personality Disorder. It was a decades long rollercoaster ride ending with me taking care of her through her final years and subsequent passing.

Carolyn McCormick
I’m a 35-year old fundraiser and the mother of a 6-year old daughter. I’m one of five daughters and not my mother’s favorite.

Christina Kolski
I’m a 37-year old nurturer and school social worker. I had a tumultuous and transformative relationship that changed us both. My mother passed away 5 years ago.