Nikki Nigl - @IAmNikkiNigl
I’m 40-years old. Somedays I know exactly what I'm doing and other days I have now idea what the fuck I am doing. And I realized that that's ok - as long as I keep asking for help.

Carrie Reffitt - @catpantsmedia
I’m a 37-year old visual storyteller, marketing consultant, and queer woman. Even when I have had years of experience to pull from, I have often felt like an amateur. I don't know when I crossed that line in my mind from amateur to professional; however, I eventually arrive at, "OH, I'VE GOT THIS!"

Danielle Holtz - @uradiate
I’m a 30-year old theatre educator and storyteller. I spent years fighting my inner bossiness but now I'm trying to own it.

Becky Sarwate
36-years old, not quite middle-aged, I struggle with dueling anxieties that I have peaked and not accomplished anything meaningful. This uncomfortable state keeps me motivated, ambitious, and willing to take calculated risks. I keep wondering if that's nuts.

Lesley Pearl
I'm a 45-year old writer, massage therapist and soon to be ex-patriot. More often that not, I don't really know what the plan is. I do best when I keep following the bread crumbs laid out before me, trusting they will lead me home.

Sloan Dorr
28-years old, studying to be a personal trainer, and I have literally wandered the country and the world for years. I recently landed myself in Chicago in the attempt to be where I am and become my true self.