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You know, the thing one does with a video camera to capture moving images. Set the scene, check the audio and lighting, point, focus, shoot, pan, and zoom in for those close-ups. Well, there's a little more to it than that actually, but I think you get the gist.

Cat Pants Media provides videography services to document life or company events, conduct interviews, and procure raw video footage and b-roll.

This is the process of importing video footage into an editing program to slice and dice images, dial up the music, and add effects at just the right moments to communicate a message that envokes laughter, tears, or a call to action. Editing often takes loads of time; however, this is truly where the magic happens.

Cat Pants Media provides editing services for audio and/or video footage as well as photo correction.

Ah...the precursor to videography. The ancient technique of capturing real life images in still form with the click of a button, well these days you can just tap a screen. Nevertheless, the photgraphic image seems to have mesmorized a vast majority of us since the 19th century. With photographers like Dorothea Lange, Annie Leibovitz, Herb List, and Ansel Adams allowing us to see the world through their unique perspective it is easy to understand why we become spellbound.

Cat Pants Media provides photography services to capture important life or company events.

Multi, rich, hyper - Oh my! So many different forms of media content needed for just about every type of media and according to infamous communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan, "The medium is the message." Therefore, matching the content with the right medium is the key to creating value and effectiveness.

Cat Pants Media provides services for all kinds of content development to include graphics, audio, visual, and text for the internet, radio, print, television, CDs/DVDs, and live events.

The combination of artful videography and strategic video editing in post-production leads to a polished video product that is more effective at communicating the desire message than raw video footage alone.

Cat Pants Media provides video production services for corporate/organization promotional, profile, event, training, testimonial, product demonstration, marketing, explainer, real estate, and music videos.

Every person, group, culture, company, and organization has a story. When shared, the law of unintended consequence is triggered and people connect on visceral and often unexplainable levels to those stories. Whether entertained, educated, or struck by the shrinking feeling of isolation, stories foster an atmosphere where empathy and understanding thrive. There is a reason why storytelling is the oldest and most perpetuated form of communication. Simply put – it is powerful.

Share your lived experience, keep your family’s oral history alive, communicate the unique mission behind your product, tell your organization’s compelling story. Cat Pants Media will bring your story and your vision to life.

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